Monday, June 7, 2010

Cloaked by Angel’s Wings

God has given his angels the directive to watch over his children. We cannot see what lies ahead, nor do we know the evil that was planned against us, and as our lives are not our own, without divine protection we will be open to great misfortune beyond our understanding.

This does not necessarily mean we will not encounter moments of danger or be hurt, for at times the Father wants us to gain experience and become more grounded in faith. Additionally, preparing us for greater things as well as setting us as an example to others.

We do have the assurance that when we pass through the fire of tribulation, the angels of the Lord will be there shielding us. Therefore we do not need to be afraid; a way has already been cleared to provide relief.

Nevertheless, this does not give us an excuse to intentionally place our lives in harms way to test God, he will not be tempted. He has simply given us the guarantee that each day we have an unseen companion, guarding our lives.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I like ur layout.. Great post article,, God s always guarding our lives"


  2. The key is vigilance. We must be awake as Christians. We must also stay righteous as the final moment definitely draws nearer. Even if no doom occurs, death will surely come one day.