Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Chapter of Potiphar’s Wife

Genesis 39 begins the story of Joseph’s time in Egypt. He was purchased by Potiphar (an official) to be a slave in his house, and because Joseph was favoured by God, Potiphar benefited from the blessings Joseph received.

It is easy to sympathize with Joseph’s plight, as he was treated harshly by his brothers, tossed into a pit and then sold into slavery, yet even with that, as time went by it seemed as though things were improving for him. He became the manager of his master’s home, nevertheless there is an important factor which was true then as it is now. Every time the Lord builds you up, the devil will do everything in his power to break you down.

Potiphar’s wife decided to sink her claws into Joseph, enticing him daily to have sex with her. In every sense she was a temptress and a vixen, but Joseph refused her requests due to respect for his master, and having the great understanding that it would displease the Lord. The day came however, that Joseph had to run for his life leaving his garment in her hands. Potiphar’s wife of course would not allow a mere slave to trample over her desires, lied and had him sent to prison.

Each of us will encounter a Joseph experience. Temptation can come in any form, by any means, through anyone. It can be drugs, alcohol, sex, money and even the urge to be violent. You can try with all your heart to do what is right, but the call to follow the wrong path always appears more attractive, however, like Joseph who lived with God embedded in his soul, you can overcome.

You may risk losing everything saying no to temptation but by standing for righteousness, God will find a way for you through to the trial. The question that Joseph asked Potiphar’s wife in Genesis 39:9 is indeed nerve racking, “how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”

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