Saturday, June 26, 2010

Affirmation of God’s Existence

As God is unseen, cannot be touched and his voice not physically heard, it is very easy to believe that he is not there or never existed.

If that is the case, when you handle your daily activities doing what needs to be done, you are likely to take full credit for completing the task because you did it all on your own, and the strength you use to carry you through each day only comes from within, you do not need support. So for you, life is a gamble, either you win or lose. In simpler terms, being upon this planet was by chance as you just happened to draw the longer straw.

Well then you may ask, where is the proof that God exists?

Only the spiritually dead, morally blind and deceived cannot see that the proof of his existence is in this sphere, we call the world.

You do not need to see God to know he is there, his presence will be felt if you desire to have him in your life.

You do not need to literally hear his voice to have a conversation with him, if you would only listen, he will speak to your mind

You do not need to touch him to know that he is real, he touched you when you were formed. If you understand this, you will see that you were made in his image and likeness.

Do not expect the answers to be plain. God has prevented us from knowing certain things, but one thing is sure, when looking for him earnestly, you will be enlightened on the way of righteousness and your eyes will be opened to see beyond the physical. He was there from the beginning, he is here in the present and he will be there in the future. If you directly seek God instead of searching for different concepts and drawing your own conclusions, you will definitely find him.

John 1:1-3
Romans 1:20
Colossians 1:15-17
Hebrews 11:6
1 John 1:1-3
Revelation 4:11

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Being Religious vs. Honouring God

During the time Christ walked the earth, the religious leaders of that day had their own ideas on how to govern the church. Their beliefs and practices were profoundly rooted on their self righteous nature, and the true reason for living godly was lost under a cloak of hypocrisy.

The Pharisees and Sadducees honestly believed that they were above sin and direct communicators with God. Jesus however proved that they were worshippers unto themselves, and did not understand God’s instructions handed down from generation to generation.

Even in our time, many are caught up in confirming a religion, instead of actually building a firm relationship with God. They do not realize that they have strayed from an underlined principle, that is, God must be worshipped in spirit and in truth, John 4:24. We should not only speak of God with our lips, but our hearts should also overflow with admiration for him. Our goal must always be to represent Christ in every aspect of our lives.

Additionally, it is important to remember that in following the doctrine of our respective faiths, we must not become so immersed in conforming to the regulations of the church, that the meaning of God’s word is misconstrued, and no longer properly recognized as the main guide for living in righteousness.

Matthew 3:5-10
Matthew 5:20
Matthew 9:10-12
Matthew 15:1-9

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Year 2012

It is greatly anticipated that the year 2012 is the year of enormous disaster.

Here are some predictions you may be aware of:

Mayan – Interpreting their calendar, the end of the world should take place around December 2012 through the occurrence of a polar shift. In other words meaning, massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and so on.

Nostradamus – World War III, which could mean twenty seven years of great bloodshed though an invasion of Europe by Islamic forces. It has also been said that WWIII should begin December 2010, be global and involve nuclear weapons.

Then there is Planet X, ‘the great star for seven days will burn’ this has been interpreted as an appearance of a heavenly being, causing worldwide destruction. Another interpretation states that Planet X is the eleventh planet in the solar system, many times bigger than earth and will cause comets. Planet X has also been declared as a myth.

NASA – A solar storm is expected to occur in 2012, they say that the sunspot cycle to come will be worst than the last. However it is claimed that the solar maximum should begin between 2010 and 2011. What this basically means is the activity on the surface of the sun will destroy our technology, for example there will be power outages. It will in addition create overall economic disaster and cause the death of millions. All this will be due to the highly charged energy particles (plasma) of the sun, travelling to earth.

The book of Revelation by John the apostle, estimated to be written around A.D. 95, tells us everything we need to know about the end time.

Here are a few key points mentioned in the biblical book:

There will be a great earthquake, the sun will become black, the moon will appear in a blood like colour and the stars will fall from the sky. Revelation 6:12-13

Revelation 16
Sores will come upon both mankind and animals.
The waters will become like blood.
The Sun will scorch men with fire.
Hail will fall from the sky.

Moreover, there will be death, mourning and famine. Revelation 18:8

Matthew 24:3-44 also in summary, explains in simpler terms what is to take place. It furthermore mentions, that the actual end of the world is unknown though many will try to predict how and when.

One thing is certain, the world we live in is a ticking time bomb and is set to destroy itself at some point. We do have the assurance however, that before that time approaches and no one is left alive on this planet, Christ will come to take his people home.

The Lord requests that we be vigilant, not allow anyone to deceive us, not worry when we hear of wars and witness the destruction, and more importantly to be ready for his second appearance on this planet.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cloaked by Angel’s Wings

God has given his angels the directive to watch over his children. We cannot see what lies ahead, nor do we know the evil that was planned against us, and as our lives are not our own, without divine protection we will be open to great misfortune beyond our understanding.

This does not necessarily mean we will not encounter moments of danger or be hurt, for at times the Father wants us to gain experience and become more grounded in faith. Additionally, preparing us for greater things as well as setting us as an example to others.

We do have the assurance that when we pass through the fire of tribulation, the angels of the Lord will be there shielding us. Therefore we do not need to be afraid; a way has already been cleared to provide relief.

Nevertheless, this does not give us an excuse to intentionally place our lives in harms way to test God, he will not be tempted. He has simply given us the guarantee that each day we have an unseen companion, guarding our lives.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Chapter of Potiphar’s Wife

Genesis 39 begins the story of Joseph’s time in Egypt. He was purchased by Potiphar (an official) to be a slave in his house, and because Joseph was favoured by God, Potiphar benefited from the blessings Joseph received.

It is easy to sympathize with Joseph’s plight, as he was treated harshly by his brothers, tossed into a pit and then sold into slavery, yet even with that, as time went by it seemed as though things were improving for him. He became the manager of his master’s home, nevertheless there is an important factor which was true then as it is now. Every time the Lord builds you up, the devil will do everything in his power to break you down.

Potiphar’s wife decided to sink her claws into Joseph, enticing him daily to have sex with her. In every sense she was a temptress and a vixen, but Joseph refused her requests due to respect for his master, and having the great understanding that it would displease the Lord. The day came however, that Joseph had to run for his life leaving his garment in her hands. Potiphar’s wife of course would not allow a mere slave to trample over her desires, lied and had him sent to prison.

Each of us will encounter a Joseph experience. Temptation can come in any form, by any means, through anyone. It can be drugs, alcohol, sex, money and even the urge to be violent. You can try with all your heart to do what is right, but the call to follow the wrong path always appears more attractive, however, like Joseph who lived with God embedded in his soul, you can overcome.

You may risk losing everything saying no to temptation but by standing for righteousness, God will find a way for you through to the trial. The question that Joseph asked Potiphar’s wife in Genesis 39:9 is indeed nerve racking, “how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”

The Meaning of Prayer

As a child you may have been taught to say a prayer at meal times, or before you sleep at night, you may not have understood why, but you knew it was needed to be continually blessed each day.

Saying a prayer is in fact talking with God, not only expressing thanks or asking for protection, but also telling him (though he already knows) your intimate feelings, desires and dreams. By taking a moment to pray, you are actually giving God the opportunity to be a part of your life, since he will not force himself upon your heart.

Prayer is a powerful tool that is able to lift the spirit, bring comfort in times of suffering and rest to a weary soul. It can open the mind to spiritual things and further understanding of the ways of God.

Some may say “with all the suffering in the world, why bother to pray?” And the answer is simple, if you have to face the heavy burden of pain and torment everyday with no where to turn, no hope of relief and no one to provide comfort, then the dark pit that you think is your life, will stifle your soul and you will become as nothing.