Friday, December 31, 2010

In the Light of Newness

The year 2010 must set so a new year can dawn. This is the time to reflect and give thanks for God has brought us through. We may have fallen short in certain aspects of our lives but there is still time while we are alive, to make a change, to be the best and do the best we can.

Never forget that there are angels amongst us, some in spirit and some in the flesh. We may or may not know them personally, but they watch over us as directed by God. They can protect, bring a ray of sunshine, make us smile or simply do an act of kindness. Each of which will impact upon our lives for years to come.

The blessings we receive from above, sometimes go unseen but they fall upon us in many ways, and at no point in time should we be ungrateful. They may not always be what we expect but they are exactly what we need in that moment.

2011 is the year not just for possibilities, but conquering what we may think is the impossible. Always keep these true words of faith in mind, “with God all things are possible,” Mark 10:27.

I wrote this post while at work today and even though I was recently shown a truth, I decided not to change the original content. Everyday that we walk this earth, we learn something new. Courage is not built upon happiness it is built from struggle, and where others may take from your life, God has a way of rejuvenating 200% of what was taken away. My resolution for 2011 is to always be proud of who I am because I am a unique and wonderful creation, Psalm 139:14, and no one but God, can take that away from me.

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