Sunday, July 11, 2010

Listening When God Speaks

In the days of old before sin dominated the world, God and man communicated directly. Face to face they would meet daily to discuss the beauty of life and enjoy each other’s company. Sadly however, evil later touched the heart of man, which placed a barrier between the Creator and his creation. Mankind could no long look upon the face God without being struck down immediately.

Yet even then, God still visited with a select few who were open to receive him though only his voice could be heard. Now in this time, with every generation our link with the Father becomes weaker and more corrupted, we have no choice other than to rely on his guidance through thought, with the hope that his energy would continually surround us as we grow older.

Hearing him through the noise of our everyday lives is difficult. He is drowned out, by our busy schedule, when we allow ourselves to be distracted by material desires, when we trust more in humanity than in the divine, by our reluctance to accept righteousness and the belief that we do not need spiritual healing. Arrogance and stubbornness are preventing us from communing with the Lord.

We will not be able to hear the words that are spoken unless we are actually listening. The truth is, we can find the time for everything else, but what should be an integral part of our lives is set aside and forgotten. There is a joy in serving God, so we must take a moment everyday to spend quality time with him. He listens when we speak, he comes when we call for him, it is only fair that we do the same and allow him to say his piece.

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